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Mariano Laplane is an Argentine academic and currently chairs Brazil’s Centre for Strategic Studies and Management (CGEE), which is linked to the country’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

His research has focused on industry organization and studies, industrial competitiveness, industrial and innovation policy, MERCOSUR, economic integration, foreign direct investment and the automotive industry. He has researched widely on industrial development in Brazil, the role of foreign direct investment in this development and the foreign trade and competitiveness of Brazilian manufacturing. He has worked on comparative research projects investigating national innovation systems in Brazil, India, China, the Russian Federation and South Africa. He is a member of the MERCOSUR Economic Research Network, based in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Mariano Laplane is currently Director of the Institute of Economics at the State University of Campinas. He has a degree in Social Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a master’s in City Planning from the University of California (United States), a doctorate in Economic Science from the State University of Campinas and a post-doctorate from Oxford University (United Kingdom).

Mariano Laplane

Mariano Laplane

President of the Centre for Strategic Studies and Management (CGEE) of Brazil